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EDES True Full Spectrum CBD Products are made from Organic Hemp. Whole Plant Floral Extracts, No Stems, No Seeds.

Finest organic hemp grown in Colorado is the base for EDES products. A proprietary lipid extraction process (not ethanol or Co2) gently extracts all cannabinoids. This makes EDES superior.

Lab Tested


Always checking for consistency in the purity of our products.

100% Organic


We use only the finest 100% organic hemp for our products.

USA Grown


Our hemp is grown on organic family farms in Colorado.

Proprietary Process


No Co2 or Ethanol, only low temperature and low pressure.

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EDES is a TRUE FULL SPECTRUM CBD product (not Broad Spectrum or Isolate).

Light Defense Glass


Light Defense Glass protects cannabinoids.


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Edes CBD Capsules

Try Our Best Product true "Full Spectrum" CBD Capsules

EDES CBD Capsules contain true Full-Spectrum CBD oil (not broad-spectrum or Isolate).

Our Hemp-derived CBD products contain no more than 0.3 percent THC, legal in all 50 States. 100% Vegan.

Contains 30 capsules. One Capsule contains 50mg of CBD Oil. That’s a total of 1500 mg in one bottle.


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EDES 1300
Hemp Tincture

Edes 800 2oz product

EDES 800
Hemp & Shea Butter

edes800-2oz product

EDES 800
CBD Skin Ointment

Types of CBD

Full Spectrum

  • Derived from a hemp extract
  • Contains cannabinoids, aromatics, essential vitamins and minerals, fatty acids, protein, chlorophyll, flavonoids or terpenes.
  • Has not been reformulated or has not had cannabinoid isolates or distillates added to it.

Broad Spectrum

  • Extracted from hemp containing multiple cannabinoids, but where all delta-9 THC has been removed.


  • A concentrated where a segment of cannabinoids from an initial extraction is selectively concentrated through heating and cooling, with all impurities removed.

EDES is the true "Full Spectrum" CBD Oil

EDES products contain true Full-Spectrum CBD oil (not broad-spectrum or Isolate).

Our Hemp-derived CBD products contain no more than 0.3 percent THC, legal in all 50 States.

We are dedicated to providing our customers with the best 100% organic USA-grown CBD Hemp oil.

Buy today from participating retailers or online.

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EDES Full Spectrum

Customer Testimonial

“Especially Helpful”

“Mahalo for the CBD products Tom
Have been using them more consistently now that I am 2 weeks post shoulder surgery.

They have been helping immensely and I found the cream especially helpful


“Thank you so very much for your response. I’ve found your product OUTSTANDING! and Karen of the Source swears by the quality of your product and how it helps many people. I’ve been promoting your product with friends and this is why the inquiry. They live in the Aiea/Pearl City area and wanted to know of a closer source where they can get the product. I had offered to purchase it from The Source and mail it to them. Karen said she could ONLY recommend your product because its FOR REAL and that’s what I had told my friend. I’ve sent my friend this email and know she’ll find your response to be a great help.

Gere Best.

“Life Changing”

“I was in a very bad motorbike accident 8 years ago that almost ended my life. Since I have tried many products for my body. I was introduced to EDES. At first, I was hesitant about trying another product, but after rubbing the EDES 800 Hemp and Shea Butter on my body, within minutes I felt great. Finally, a product that actually works. Thank you for EDES. Now I use it every day!!

Marco S.

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