Experience True Comfort
with True Full Spectrum CBD

EDES True Full Spectrum CBD Products are made from Organic Hemp. Whole Plant Floral Extracts, No Stems, No Seeds.

EDES True Full Spectrum

Made From
Organic Hemp

We use only the finest 100% organic hemp for our products.

Lipid Extract

No Co2 or Ethanol, only low temperature and low pressure.

True Full

EDES is a TRUE FULL SPECTRUM CBD product (not Broad Spectrum or Isolate).


Use our EDES 1300 oil sublingual and Hemp and Shea Butter or our Oilment as a topical to experience better physical and mental comfort.

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True “Full Spectrum” CBD Capsules


EDES CBD Capsules contain true Full-Spectrum CBD oil (not broad-spectrum or Isolate).

Our hemp oil helps alleviate a broad range of discomforts. Experience lower levels of chronic pain and anxiety without the side effects of prescription drugs. 

Our CBD hemp oil is a true full-spectrum hemp oil. It is grown in the lush Colorado landscape on family farms, where it undergoes a proprietary lipid extraction process (no ethanol or CO2) that keeps the cannabinoids intact and healthy. High potency, no added flavors or taste.

Proud to have Loyal Customers for 7 Years

Fishingmoon is the First and Oldest True Full Spectrum CBD Company in Hawaii.

Especially Helpful

“Mahalo for the CBD products, Tom! I have been using them more consistently now that I am 2 weeks post-shoulder surgery. Your products have been helping immensely and I found the cream (Hemp and Shea Butter) especially helpful.


“Thank you so very much for your response. I’ve found your product OUTSTANDING! and Karen of the Source swears by the quality of your product and how it helps many people. I’ve been promoting your product with friends, and this is why the inquiry. They live in the Aiea/Pearl City area and wanted to know of a closer source where they can get the product. I had offered to purchase it from The Source and mail it to them. Karen said she could ONLY recommend your product because it’s FOR REAL, and that’s what I had told my friend. I’ve sent my friend this email and know she’ll find your response to be a great help.

Promotes relaxation

Embrace the therapeutic potential of our Full Spectrum CBD, and let relaxation become an integral part of your wellness journey.

Relieves pain

Discover the natural relief that EDES offers for managing discomfort, creating a sense of balance within the body.

Relief cramping

EDES brings a sense of calm and balance, potentially mitigating the discomfort associated with cramping.

Muscles recovery

EDES helps regulate inflammation and reduce oxidative stress, key factors in the muscle recovery process.

Remove headaches

EDES may benefit individuals dealing with headaches due to its calming properties.

Improves mood

By modulating serotonin receptors, EDES may contribute to mood stabilization—a natural approach to emotional well-being.

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EDES CBD Capsules


EDES Organic Low Acid Coffee Arabica


EDES 800 Hemp and Shea Butter


EDES 800 CBD Skin Ointment


Popular Questions Regarding CBD

Is CBD safe?

CBD is safe. There are no known side effects.

Is CBD oil legal?

Yes, it is legal at the federal level in all states as long as the CBD is hemp-derived and contains less than 0.3% THC.

What Does CBD feel like?

The effects of CBD are understated. It does not make people feel “stoned” or “high”, however, it can make you feel relaxed and less anxious.

How long does it take to feel the effects of CBD?

In most cases within 3 to 5 minutes.

What are the most common reasons for using EDES products?

Fishingmoon’s customers use EDES products for general well-being.

Are EDES products safe for our pets?

Yes, CBD is just as safe and effective for pets as it is for humans.

What is Full Spectrum CBD?

  • Derived from a hemp extract
  • Contains cannabinoids, aromatics, essential vitamins and minerals, fatty acids, protein, chlorophyll, flavonoids or terpenes.
  • Has not been reformulated or has not had cannabinoid isolates or distillates added to it.

What is Board Spectrum CBD?

  • Extracted from hemp containing multiple cannabinoids, but where all delta-9 THC has been removed.

What is Distillate CBD?

  • A concentrated where a segment of cannabinoids from an initial extraction is selectively concentrated through heating and cooling, with all impurities removed.

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