Fishingmoon’s sole purpose is to provide the finest Hemp products and educate about the benefits of Hemp-Derived CBD

Feel Better

Feel Better

Live the very best life possible and begin to enjoy.

Sleeping better

Rest Better

Get a good night rest and feel relaxed the next day.

Recover Faster

Recover Faster

Exercise hard and recover faster.

Tom Pieper

"Fishingmoon products have many benefits and I would like to share these with you"

How It All Started

Fishingmoon was established out of necessity by Tom Pieper in 2017. Two years prior, Mr. Pieper was diagnosed with cancer and underwent surgery at City of Hope Cancer Research in Duarte, California. This event laid out the groundwork for alternative methods to maintain and enjoy life. Tom connected with a seasoned pharmaceutical team in Los Angeles and EDES products were developed, tested, and eventually made it in to the hands of the general public.

The Journey Began

After returning home to Hawaii, Mr. Pieper dedicated his time and effort to educate his Ohana (extended family and friends) about the benefits of Hemp derived CBD. Less than a year after his return to Hawaii, Natural Food stores, Gyms, and other business ventures inquired about Fishingmoon products and EDES Oils and Ointments became available to the public through retail stores and independent distributors in the US.

The Journey Began

EDES has helped many people live the very best life possible by feeling good, resting better and recovering faster.

Edes Product Display

A Brand Our Customers Trust

EDES 1300 true Full Spectrum CBD Oil is our purest, straight-from-the-plant, full-spectrum CBD oil.

Our oils are sourced from 100% organically grown Colorado hemp, complete with a full spectrum of cannabinoids for maximizing the entourage effect. Our EDES 1300 is MCT infused.

When you choose EDES, be assured to receive the best CBD products without any added flavors, colors or preservatives.

Lab Tested


Always checking for consistency in the purity of our products.

100% Organic


We use only the finest 100% organic hemp for our products.

USA Grown


Our hemp is grown on organic family farms in Colorado.

Proprietary Process


No Co2 or Ethanol, only low temperature and low pressure.

Full Spectrum Icon


EDES is a TRUE FULL SPECTRUM CBD product (not Broad Spectrum or Isolate).

Light Defense Glass


Light Defense Glass protects cannabinoids.

EDES is a true “Full Spectrum”

EDES 1300 Full Spectrum Hemp Oil is true “Full Spectrum”, packed full of fatty acids, proteins, chlorophyll, fiber, flavonoids, terpenes and cannabinoid (CBD, CBN, CBG, THC) compounds.

Our proprietary lipid extraction process does NOT utilize solvents, high temperatures and/or high pressure. Harsh extraction solvents and/or extreme temperature remove or destroy a significant amount of extremely valuable cannabinoid compounds. Therefore, EDES contains all of the available cannabinoids, including THC (less than 0.3%), to make EDES 1300 products true Full Spectrum.

If your CBD product does not contain THC, then you have a Broad Spectrum or Isolate product. You are not receiving the full benefits of all cannabinoids available in the hemp plant to provide you with the Entourage Effect.

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