The story of Fishingmoon

Fishingmoon was established out of necessity by Tom Pieper in 2017. Two years prior, Mr Pieper was diagnosed with prostate cancer and underwent surgery at City of Hope Cancer Research in Duarte, California. This event laid out the groundwork for alternative methods to maintain and enjoy life. Tom connected with a seasoned pharmaceutical team in Los Angeles and EDES products were developed, tested and eventually distributed through dispensaries in California. 
After returning home to Hawaii, Mr. Pieper dedicated time and effort to educate his Ohana (extended family and friends) about the benefits of Hemp derived CBD. Less than a year after his return to Hawaii, Natural Food stores, Gyms and other business ventures inquired about Fishingmoon products and EDES Oils and Ointments became available to the public through retail stores and independent distributors in the US.

The Story of Fishingmoon Low Acid Coffee

Our founder Tom Pieper has had a passion for quality coffee since 1986 when he sailed from Mexico into Kealakekua Bay, Kona, on the Big Island of Hawaii. Kona coffee is known around the world as a smooth, flavorful coffee grown on volcanic soil under light shade provided by a natural tree canopy. Tom operated the dry processing mill of Captain Cook Coffee Co in Kealakekua and the Kona Kai Farms wet and dry mill. With a group of investors Tom Pieper started Wailapa Farms Organic Coffee and a boutique brand was created. Propagating, maintaining and harvesting Kona coffee became a part of life. Unfortunately, over thirty years of acidic rain due to volcanic activity on the Big Island of Hawaii has caused a loss of flavor in Kona coffee. After an intensive search for an affordable alternative to Kona coffee, Tom found a naturally grown low acid coffee in the Mexican highlands of Oaxaca. Very similar growing conditiuons to Kona: Natural tree canopy for light shade, mellow afternoon showers. Fishingmoon Low Acid Coffee was branded. Enjoy!