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EDES 800 CBD Skin Ointment

EDES CBD Capsules Our CBD is a true full-spectrum hemp oil.

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The Entourage Effect

The Entourage Effect

Entourage Effect Explained A single brick wouldn't stop a speeding car. Stacking bricks may slow it down. But if you add some mortar, "a stack of bricks" turns into a wall. And a wall could definitely stop a car. The bricks' strength and effectiveness are multiplied...

You (K)Need to Hear This

You (K)Need to Hear This

If you haven’t tried Fishingmoon’s EDES  Hemp and Shae Butter 800 then we want to share a little story about one way a customer found tremendous benefit from it. Aside from being one of our most popular items, Hemp and Shea Butter 800 has quickly become the most...

The Story Behind Fishingmoon

The Story Behind Fishingmoon

From the name Fishingmoon, to the name of our Edes products, there’s a story that breathes life into every part of our company. The owner and founder of Fishingmoon, Tom Pieper, has always lived life to the fullest