From the name Fishingmoon to the name of our Edes products, there’s a story that breathes life into every part of our company. The owner and founder of Fishingmoon, Tom Pieper, has always lived life to the fullest, his own story intertwined into the history and thoughtfulness behind every detail of the company. But, to truly understand what Fishingmoon is here to offer, you first need to understand where our name comes from.

Spending the majority of his adult life in the ocean paradise of Hawaii, Tom grew a deep appreciation and connection to the sea. Having been a fisherman for a portion of his life, he learned that the moon plays an integral role in the tides of the ocean and the abundance of fish on a given day. Additionally, he learned that according to the Hawaiian fishing almanac, there’s is a specific phase of the moon that is unique to Hawaii’s geographic location and known to be an excellent time for fishing.

Half-full and laying on itʻs round belly, the moon creates a reflection in the water that points directly towards the boat as it is observed. Often considered the best time to catch ahi (tuna) during the summer, this moon resembles a basket full of fish and therefore provides an abundance of fish in this phase. Feeling a soulful/spiritual connection to this knowledge and life experience, Tom and his wife Kiyomi felt the name Fishingmoon would fit the company that they hoped would bring abundance to others by allowing them to get more out of life.

Even more, Tom and Kiyomi put their minds together again when deciding on a name for the CBD products that have helped them to get more out of life. Finding inspiration from his wife, the name of our product line is a clever play on the phrase “ii desu,” which means “it is good” in Japanese. Being a constant driving force and muse, Tom honors his wife and her Japanese culture by naming Fishingmoon’s world-class CBD products, Edes. Although its name may loosely translate to mean “good,” we know that it’s so much more!

We hope that knowing the story behind the name of our company and product line helps you feel a little more connected to us. Created out of real-life experiences and necessity, our products are more than good; they’re world-class. If you’d like to know more about us or our products, please take some time to browse our frequently updated website or contact us at any time.