If you haven’t tried Fishingmoon’s EDES  Hemp and Shae Butter 800 then we want to share a little story about one way a customer found tremendous benefit from it.

Aside from being one of our most popular items, Hemp and Shea Butter 800 has quickly become the most versatilely used product based on the success stories we have been told by some of our longtime customers.

Hearing the countless ways our products have helped people get more out of each day is why we love what we do. One such success story that you (k)need to hear involves a 68-year-old woman and her total knee replacement.

Grammy’s Story

Grammy, as she is so affectionately known at home by her grandchildren, had already gone through the rehab that follows minor knee surgery, but this time the rehab would be for total knee replacement. After healing from a successful surgery, Grammy was now starting her least favorite part of the process, physical therapy. Having recently gone through therapy for her minor knee surgery, she was dreading the discomfort she would have to endure this time following major surgery.

At least three times a week for 1-2 hours, Grammy pushed herself to get more range of motion and strength for her bionic knee. Literally and figuratively, the trainers helped her push and pull her leg to improve the measurements used to track her progress. After a couple of weeks, Grammy could tell which days would be more difficult because she could feel the extra tightness in her leg before going to therapy. She knew her measurements would regress, and the extra discomfort she would feel from her stretches and exercises made these days the worst.

Grammy’s Success with EDES

That was until she tried using EDES  Hemp and Shae Butter 800 regularly, especially before and after therapy.

Applying a generous amount of Hemp and Shea Butter 800 on and around her knee after her sessions really helped with recovery and relaxation. Using it before therapy helped her complete better stretches and exercises with less discomfort. Grammy even started using it during her daily routines at home, which helped to bring steady improvements to her measurements, but more importantly, closer and closer to being able to safely and confidently walk again. On a day where she may have forgotten to use Hemp and Shea Butter 800 before therapy, she would remember immediately upon feeling the extra strain during specific exercises. These days didn’t happen much after the first time.

Story You Need to Hear

Image of Grammy’s who applied the Hemp and Shae Butter 800 on her knee before and after her therapy.

Discovering how much Fishingmoon’s EDES  Hemp and Shae Butter 800 could help Grammy recover from total replacement knee surgery is a story you kneed to remember. It enabled her each day by helping with recovery and managing discomfort before, during, and after therapy. It allowed her to take a few extra steps towards walking around and allowed her to carry her grandchildren again.

Story You Need to Hear

Image of Grammy’s knee and how her therapy looked like.

This success story may not be the same for you, but you might know someone who could relate. Maybe you exercise a lot or push your body physically every day. Trying EDES  Hemp and Shae Butter 800 may help with your recovery and relaxation after a strenuous day like Grammy after an exhausting therapy session. We are always inspired by the various ways customers have found our products helpful, and we would love to hear more in order to help more people. Being able to share the success stories of others is how we determine the success of Fishingmoon.

Your success may be the success for others needing relief from a similar problem. Please remember to contact us if you have any questions or even if you’d like to tell us about your success story from using Fishingmoon products.

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